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Clarence Pier  
Southsea's famous 'Fun park' and resting place of the 'Corbére' wheel for the last thirty years until February 2001. the wheel was sold to make way for a new ride... the Power Tower

Joyland Books is a family-run bookstore, specialising in the sale of books about amusement parks, theme parks and fairgrounds. Based in Oxfordshire, United Kingdom
Themepark Review Welcome to Theme Park Review! Photos & Videos of Theme Parks, Roller Coasters, and FUN!
The National Fairground

The NFA represents an important part of the cultural heritage of the nation, providing a new and exciting source of teaching material for primary and secondary education. It  also provides access to a wealth of popular cultural history both for the Fairgound enthusiast and for the public at large.

The London Eye Constructed for the millenium and often refered to as the 'Millenium Wheel' - 'Did you know that the London Eye is not techniacally a 'Ferris Wheel' visit the site to find out why!.
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